LMS' proprietary transportation management system

TOTAL is a Web-native system that draws on LMS' dual expertise in transportation management and Internet technology. Unlike other TMS products, TOTAL does not require a large investment or lengthy implementation period. It yields measurable results to deliver a quick ROI - usually in less than 90 days.

The system is available in an on-demand (ASP) format or as part of an outsourced offering wherein LMS transportation planners use TOTAL to direct and manage shipping operations. A modular system, TOTAL offers numerous components that are designed to operate autonomously or collectively for a complete transportation management package. Each component seamlessly integrates with existing TMS, WMS and ERP systems.

Many companies, including BASF, Monsanto, and Johnson & Johnson, rely on TOTAL to maximize their freight operations.

TOTAL Modules:


TOTALOptimization turns raw orders into optimized shipments. It is a Management Support System (MSS) designed to assist transportation planners and dispatchers to make better decisions about transportation resources. TOTALOptimization combines the expert knowledge of LMS dispatchers with client data (customers, orders, trucks, rates, carriers, distribution centers and customer delivery requirements), along with the power of the most advanced linear programming optimization technology available, to build and dispatch optimal loads of packaged goods to customers. Working through an intuitive graphical user interface, the dispatcher can evaluate various shipping options to select the shipment pattern that best balances customer service requirements with lowest operating cost. TOTALOptimization will perform order aggregation and consolidation and help the planner make decisions, i.e. when to use TL, when to use pools, how many stop-offs a vehicle should have.


TOTALCM is a dynamic engine that optimizes truckload shipments to create "tours" and significantly reduce empty miles, minimum charges and one-way movements. By transforming separate shipments into multiple-stop trips, TOTALCM offers more desirable, cost-effective routes for the carrier, driver, shipper and consignee. Linking an organization's outbound shipments to inbound traffic can further leverage backhaul and continuous move opportunities for improved asset utilization and decreased empty miles. TOTALCM is the only engine of its kind that operates in a dynamic and collaborative (multi-shipper) environment.

Collaborative Networks

TOTAL also uses shipping data from multiple companies to create freight collaboration programs that greatly reduce transportation costs while keeping safety and service requirements in check.

TOTAL Optimizaiton

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TOTALExecution works in conjunction with TOTALOptimization. This is the transportation planner's online work area that allows him or her to easily manipulate and manage proposed routes from TOTALOptimization. Transportation planners have fingertip access to rates, routes, shipper/customer delivery requirements, service requirements and carrier specifications. Load tendering is performed within the TOTALExecution module via multiple mediums depending on carrier capability (EDI 211/204, Email, fax, phone). TOTALExecution allows the transportation planner to quickly react to the dynamic environment of inventory, customer demands and carrier capacity.

TOTAL has an electronic means of tendering loads and can receive and track acceptance/decline responses from carriers. All carrier acceptance and rejections for potential shipments are tracked and reported back to the customer. One of LMS' standard KPIs is "load turndown rate," which is continually tracked using TOTAL. This capability proves to be very useful when clients renegotiate rates and promised capacity.

Authorized users have 24/7 access to shipment statuses via TOTALTrack & Trace, which provides data through a shipper-branded Web site. The secure site verifies shipment activities, including pickups, deliveries and in-transit updates when available. TOTAL is EDI equipped and LMS manually updates delivery information for non-EDI carriers. The application is designed to provide complete shipment visibility and is easily customized to meet client needs.

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TOTALRate enables shippers to gain control of freight costs by centralizing rate data and employing LMS' robust rating engine. It provides users with online access to shipping data and rates, including preferred carrier information by lane, which is ranked across all modes and includes transit times. Users have the option of selecting only those carriers that can meet required delivery dates. It offers eRoute guides, shipment accruals, core carrier compliance reporting, rate inquiry, historical rate retention and rate data warehousing. The TOTALRate database contains all tables, stored procedures, user-defined functions and data used for shipment ratings. It also allows for storage and retrieval of minimum charges, rate discounts, published tariff details, preferred carriers, carrier transit times, along with associated lookup data such as carriers, transportation modes, commodity types, postal codes, etc. Additionally, it offers contract expiration notification and carrier insurance expiration notification.

eRoute Guides

To proactively manage inbound shipments, LMS creates shipper-branded Web sites for suppliers shipping inbound collect or third party shipments where an LMS client is responsible for payment. The site provides suppliers with a single preferred carrier, or a list of preferred carriers for a given origin/destination combination. This system will automatically compare mode costs and offer the most cost effective shipping mode and provider that will meet our client's delivery and safety requirements. A #800 is also provided to proactively manage expedited shipments, address issues and provide support. The supplier routing guide is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Additionally, inbound freight can be optimized by downloading PO information into TOTAL and creating synergies between inbound and outbound routes.


TOTALReporting offers vast standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Standard reports include: core carrier compliance reporting, savings reports, on-time performance and shipment delivery reports. Through TOTAL, authorized personnel have online access to standard reports and the ability to generate custom or ad-hoc reports. TOTAL easily integrates with order management systems to become a logistics data warehouse; its reporting capabilities enable users to download data in a variety of formats and manipulate it in a variety of ways.

Freight Payment Integration

TOTAL entails a freight payment interface to facilitate an efficient and accurate payment process. The system, which is fully EDI capable, can send an audit-quality shipment accrual to your freight payment company on a nightly basis. This facilitates match-pay or auto-pay with online freight audits to ensure shippers only pay authorized invoices at the contract rate.

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